Leftovers Breakfast

Leftovers breakfast

I love leftovers! I find it very frustrating sometimes when you’ve cooked something tasty, had a satisfying meal and either not quite thought ahead to the next day or the food has just been so delicious that everyone has stuffed themselves silly not leaving any for lunch or breakfast the following day. On this occasion I was lucky. It was just a bit of boiled spuds, mashed swede, and a host of mixed roasted veg including onions, garlic, red pepper, and aubergine. As I so often do, I got my big, heavy enamelled cast iron pan out, sloshed a bit of olive oil in, and proceeded to fry it all up together with the addition of a bit of chorizo and fresh chilli.
When piping hot and sizzling I added some fresh salad leaves (Batavia, baby spinach, parsley and ruby chard). I fried a duck egg in a separate pan and brought it all together on a plate. It was a surprisingly good looking dish for a leftover, unglamorous plate of vegetables etc. It tasted as good as anything cooked to order and possibly better knowing that it was ‘bonus’ food. Big it up for the underrated leftovers! (Matthew)


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