Tomatoes and Almonds Bruschetta (at 40)


It’s been far too long since I blogged. In fact, last time I did so I was thirty nine, and now I’m forty. A combination of pre-birthday party busyness, post-birthday party ‘come down’ and trying to write a show for the Brighton Fringe (look here for info about the show) has meant that I’ve either not done a lot of cooking, or if I have I’ve lacked the energy or impetus to photograph it and write things down.

My party was quite an experience, and one day I hope I’ll write more about it. I catered for thirty and had more than half left over, so I’m confident that I could have fed twice as many. There was a metre diameter vegetarian paella, chorizo and morchilla stew, roast pork belly, a magnificent pork and fennel pie, grilled courgettes and polenta, prawns with a raw mushroom salad, tonnes of bread of course, fish cakes in a spicy tomato sauce, and then five cakes (Matt made one of them – see his blog for the recipe), and finally amazing cheese. We had a whole barrel of home brewed beer, plenty of wine, and excellent company. But it was all so busy and overwhelming that I failed to take a single photograph. I’ll try and get hold of some though, I think my dad took a few, as it’d be great to get some put up here.

Yesterday my son, Jem, made a brilliant salad for dinner with roast beetroot, butternut squash, bitter leaves, thinly sliced fennel and radish, spring onion, a very lemony dressing all tossed together with broken up salty feta cheese and finally sprinkled with toasted chopped and flaked almonds. It was superb. And I didn’t photograph it! But this morning there were some of the toasted almonds left in a bowl and I made a breakfast that really worked. Simply some toasted home-made Campaillou bread, rubbed with a little garlic, drizzled with olive oil, and then topped with ripe fresh tomato, salt, pepper, olive oild and a squeeze of lemon and then the almonds sprinkled on top.



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