Ridiculously Simple Beef Casserole

beef casserole

This tasty casserole is so simple that it requires no more than about 10 brain cells put together…..I don’t know that for certain as I havn’t actually done the science but you get my drift hopefully. It’s one if those one pot wonders that you bung everything into, stick in the oven for 2 hours and voila! I used beef skirt – a cut of meat which does unfortunately sound like something a cow would wear or Lady Gaga perhaps….it’s a good economical and very lean cut and when slow cooked with enough liquid of some description is mouthwateringly tender and succulent. The generosity of onions in this dish is paramount to its success. Also don’t forget the bay leaves and Dijon mustard.

Preparation Time : 10mins

Cooking Time : 2-3 hrs

For 4 persons


750g beef skirt cut into largish chunks
6 medium onions cut into halves or large pieces
3 bay leaves – fresh if possible
1 dessert spoon Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper
1 glass red wine
Some hot water


Put a heavy casserole dish over a medium flamed hob, pour in a good dash of EV olive oil, the meat and bay leaves. Brown the meat for a couple if minutes then add mustard and salt and pepper and combine it all together. Add onions, wine and hot water (enough to partially cover meat) cover tightly with foil and put into low oven ( 120 degrees ) for 2 hours. Check after 2 hours and if its all tender and slightly sticky then just turn oven off and leave for a further 30 mins. If not then continue cooking for a further 60 mins and check again. It should be done by now. Leave to rest for 20 mins. We ate ours with slightly spicy roasted sweet potato but equally good with some chewy sourdough and good butter.



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