Lamb Burger Lunch (or Breakfast)

lamb burgers

This has become a bit of a staple for me recently. The ease, speed and convenience at which I can put them together, along with the appeal of how many options I have for pairing them off with something equally tantalising is what makes me come back to these little bad boys on a fairly regular basis.  I’m very into spices and aromatic flavours generally and I think ground lamb particularly lends itself to getting a bit of a helping hand with this. I don’t mind polishing these off anytime of day or night and quite often cook them for breakfast with some sautéed onion and sweet potato. This time my morning veg got a bit of Spain with the added green olives and restrained shake of smoked paprika.

I used about 100g of ground lamb per burger, so relatively diminutive, but a good size to have 2 each if required without going overboard. I chopped two cloves of garlic, mixed together with the lamb, some salt, lots of pepper and some dried red chilli. I made little patties in my hands and pan fried them on a very gentle heat – with no added oil – for about 15-20 minutes.
Whilst the burgers were cooking, I sprinkled them with some coarsely ground coriander and a bit more salt and pepper until slightly charred but still juicy inside. To simplify the burgers even more, and if I have less time, I often just make the patties straight from the unadulterated mince. Frying them in a dry pan as described above and then just with the addition of a sprinkle of ground coriander seed, salt and pepper on both sides whilst on the latter stages of cooking. That’s often enough and very tasty still. A squeeze of lemon juice and freshly chopped parsley makes it complete and rounds them off perfectly.

Before I started cooking the burgers I added quite a lot of EV olive oil to a wide heavy pan and added a large roughly chopped onion and a sweet potato to fry for a few minutes before adding half a cup of hot water (or stock) to the mix and covering with a lid to steam and caramelise simultaneously. Watch for it sticking too much and add a little more water if necessary. In this instance and as described above I added some green olives, flat leaf parsley and lemon juice. Gert lush! Simple and beautiful.(Matthew)


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