Warm Salad of Chicken Liver with Smoked Bacon

warm salad of chicken liver and smoked bacon with fried potatoes

This is a really quick and easy thing to put together when you don’t have much time and want something tasty and satisfying in a hurry. I buy my organic chicken livers from a local farm shop butchers as I’ve tried several supermarket batches and they’re either not organic ( the liver is part of the body’s filtration system and dumping ground for all sorts of nasties, including drugs and chemicals included in the animal’s feed ) or just not as fresh as you’d like. I buy mine in batches and freeze them. As you’d imagine, with most organ meats, they’re incredibly cheap. Even the organic ones are only a couple of quid for a little pot, and definitely enough to feed 2 mouths. I find chicken liver is very happy with smoked bacon, a little garlic and a splash of sweet sherry.

300g organic chicken livers dusted with a little flour
6 rashers of good quality smoked bacon, cut into small pieces
handful of cherry toms, halved
a splash of sweet sherry
salt and pepper
a bunch of nice peppery watercress (washed and dried )
300g-400g fried or roast potatoes cut into small pieces
EV olive oil

To prepare the chicken livers, run them under a cold tap and pat dry with some kitchen towel. You’ll need to cut away the stringy bits attached and any other bits that feel a bit hard or gristly. ( hope that’s not too off-putting) Cut the liver into pieces about the size of half a thumb size, dust with rice flour or regular plain flour and set aside. In a shallow pan add a dash of olive oil and a small knob of butter. Fry off the bacon for a couple of minutes. Add the tomatoes to the bacon and increase the heat to get the bacon a bit crispy and the tomatoes soft and slightly bursting.

Meanwhile in another shallow pan, fry off some previously boiled potatoes or have some roasties prepared. Keep warm for now until salad comes together.

In the bacon pan, add the liver with a splash of sherry and continue on a high heat for another couple of minutes until alcohol burns off. Season with salt and pepper – careful with salt as there might be enough from the bacon and possibly not necessary at all. Garnish with a bit of fresh chopped parsley.

In a nice salad bowl add the potatoes, watercress and liver and bacon mixture. Add the EV olive oil and toss gently.
Serve onto 2 warm plates and drizzle over any juices from the liver pan. (Matthew)



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