Baked Eggs in a Spicy Spanish Stew

Baked Eggs in Spicy Spanish Stew

This recipe is loosely inspired by a Mexican tomato and egg dish in Jamie Oliver’s ‘America’ and a baked egg and rocket dish in Ottolengi’s ‘Plenty’. I’ve combined the two whilst adding a few key flavours to give it a more Spanish feel.

A hot, tinned, whole tomato fortunately doesn’t seem to feature much in a greasy-spoon fry-up these days, and although I use this ingredient a lot in general cooking, the thought of combining the warm, sour wateriness with the mellow, even and earthy tones of an egg, next to each other on a plate fills me with utter disgust. Some of you will know what I mean.

However, when that lowly tinned tomato has been elevated to dominate a well balanced and flavoursome stew, then that combination of egg and tomato just sings out with jubilant ecstasy!…..well I enjoyed it. If you’re thinking eggs and tomatoes don’t go, think again. I did and was proved wrong. This is a lovely simple dish that can work equally well for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We had ours for dinner with roasted, scalloped potatoes. Then some bread and butter to mop up the last of the precious juices.


1 large onion
1 tbs Extra virgin olive oil
3 cloves of garlic
thumb size chunk of chorizo (for seasoning more than anything)
3 roasted peppers – (jarred ones from Lidl are cheap as chips)
handful of green olives
some fresh chilli (to taste)
small handful of fresh coriander leaves and stalks
salt and pepper
1 tin of whole plum tomatoes
a good squirt of tomato puree
150g fresh baby spinach leaves
1-2 eggs per person
a few shavings of parmesan


1.   Preheat oven to 175 degrees or gas mark 4.
2.  Finely slice onion and add to large, heavy pan and oil on medium heat for 5 minutes until softened.
3.   Add finely chopped chorizo, slivered garlic, finely sliced chilli, smashed up olives, sliced peppers and chopped coriander and allow to fry a cook down for a few minutes.
4.  Add tin of tomatoes and puree and cut and squash into tomatoes a bit in the pan to release some of the juices.
5.  Add salt and pepper and taste for balance.
6.  Either in one big oven proof dish or several small or individual ones, distribute the fresh spinach equally and when the stew has cooked down and thickened (around 20-30 mins) spoon onto the spinach covering the leaves.
7.  Make a well in the sauce for each egg and gently add the eggs.
8.  Bake in the oven until white has set ( around 10-15 minutes)
9.  When cooked, shave some parmesan and add a little coriander and you’re done. The yolks should still be nice and soft. (Matt)




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