Any Requests?


As a way of trying to connect with our great throng of lovely and loyal readers and followers, I’d like to attempt something a bit different with our food blog. I don’t read many so can’t verify this, but so far I havn’t come across any blogs whereby readers challenge or request bloggers to make something of their own choice. Be it something they remember from childhood or from a favourite restaurant. It could be some dish that they miss having started a new diet that omits certain foods.

I don’t think we’ll be in any danger of being inundated by too many requests as, quite honestly our readership hasn’t grown that much yet so we could hopefully be in a position to do more recipes, proportionally.

The plan is for you lot to ask us to come up with something – as long as it’s practical – and we’ll try and create a tasty and interesting dish/recipe, which will then get posted and photographed as a blog. We don’t mind being challenged with special diet stuff or unusual ingredients. Give us a description of your granny’s unforgettable sour cherry, foie gras and walnut curry-salad and we will do our darndest to give it a try. I’m not encouraging waste of expensive ingredients so we won’t be doing that one.

We’ll continue to create our own recipes too, and hopefully the two things will compliment each other well.

What do you think? (Matthew)




  1. Missda Vast

    Its probably no challenge at all for you boys, but I do like a good Rosti…they are in my experience not that easy to get right,and can turn out too stodgy , i mean how to achieve that golden brownness and crispiness with the perfect flavour ?… WITHOUT using a deep fat fryer? I suspect if one had one of those dangerous devices they maybe turn out better…and would it be fair to say they are sort of western flat versions of bhajis?

  2. James

    I would love to see you make a healthy chocolate mousse. Everyone loves chocolate, and I have seen (and tried) a few recipes using silken tofu and bananas, but it wasn’t anything to keep raiding the fridge for! Maybe you can help!

    • Mealmen

      Also a great idea. I love chocolate mouse but not sure what constitutes as healthy. Dark chocolate has had some great press lately with regard to it’s healthy properties, as have egg yolks and to a lesser extent cream. I think the sense of dissatisfaction arises by taking the fat out (as with banana and tofu) as that’s the appetite and underlying taste satisfying element to me.
      I will give it a go by substituting the double cream for a combo of coconut fat and coconut cream, together with the egg yolks (or tahini) and dark chocolate. I like it quite bitter but I guess it can be sweetened with some agave syrup or honey. The silken tofu could be great in addition to the coconut to get the right texture….I give it a go!

      • James

        Sounds like a great idea mealmen. I guess when I say ‘healthy’ I refer to something that is both satisfying and full of nutritional benefit or clean calories. Using the silken tofu and banana mix makes a great consistency, perfect for a mousse, but it just lacked the little oomph that makes you want to keep digging that spoon in! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

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