Classy Full English


It’s Jem’s 19th birthday today and so of course some sort of decent breakfast is called for. And inspired by the recent addition of edible flowers (from hotel hanging baskets!) to the Anarchist Cook show, I made modest non-blow-out-sized portions as above.

On the plate:
3 day old sourdough (sliced, drizzled with a little EV rapeseed oil and griddled)
a chunk of plum tomato (grilled and dotted with thyme leaves)
raw chestnut mushrooms (sliced and salted and dressed with a little lemon juice and black pepper – thanks for the help with those Tom Kerridge)
maple-cured streaky bacon (fried)
little nubs of Bury black pudding (fried in the bacon ‘dripping’)
a poached egg
a nasturtium leaf (which I remembered I’d picked after I took this photo)
an edible flower (a miniature pansy)
And then all sprinkled with pluck pepper and a little smoked salt.

Oh, and we had an Irish potato cake on the side (fried/warmed in the bacon/blackpudding pan so it had a few char marks and ‘bits’ on).

And for Nikki, something vegan: griddled sweet potato slices (like these here), a grilled Portabello mushroom, tomatoes (as above), toasted gluten free bread, grilled peach and the herbs and flowers that we all had.

Happy Birthday Jem x




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