A More Interesting Way to Cook Sausages

roasted sausages mediterraneanI often roast sausages in the oven as an alternative to grilling or frying. It strikes me as being more economical if the oven’s on already for roast potatoes or other veg and does seem to do a decent job of acquiring that extra bonus of caramelisation and stickiness inherent with oven cooked meats.

This dish is based loosely on time-tested and reliable Southern European peasant food, drawing on middle eastern flavours too, i.e. some meat roasted slowly with some veg; added herbs, some chilli, balsamic vinegar, saffron and plenty of olive oil, etc. etc.

Sometimes I just don’t really feel like cooking. I want something easy and tasty, with minimum effort and maximum flavour. Something that you can put in the oven for an hour and forget about until it’s ready to eat. This dish really packs a punch on both counts and I shall definitely be repeating this experiment. We enjoyed ours with steamed cavelo nero, dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

INGREDIENTS – for 4 people

8 medium potatoes
8 good quality sausages
1 large onion
4-6 cloves of garlic
some flaked chilli
a good dash of balsamic vinegar
a handful of fresh thyme
a squirt of anchovy paste
1 tps sumac
a sprinkle of saffron
a very healthy dash of EV olive oil
1/4 tps ground cinnamon
salt and pepper – go easy on the salt (already salty with anchovy paste)

  1. set oven to 180c
  2. place large roasting pan on hob over medium heat (I use a large paella pan)
  3. add olive oil, roughly chopped onions, potatoes and garlic.
  4. add sausages, and all other ingredients
  5. roast in oven for around 45mins – 1hr, until potatoes are soft and everything cooked and sticky. (Matthew)

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