About Mealmen

matt and george

We are two cooks, both fathers of teenagers and husbands of wives, and we cook most of the food that gets eaten in our houses.

One of us, (me, George), lives in Brighton, the other (Matthew) in Bradford-on-Avon, near Bath. I’m a stand-up comedian and Matthew is a photographer.

Friends for the last two decades we have watched each other get married and have children, move homes and towns, and grow older, while we’ve always been passionate about cooking, and eating. Our inventive cookery and compatible but different styles and techniques, and our ability to cook together as a team has given rise to some truely delicious and creative meals.

And so, we are starting this blog, to each add to as and when we can. To encourage each other to be creative and to record our efforts, our successes, and inevitable failures. To inspire each other, and to leave a testament of our shared passion for food for our children, and for anyone else who’s interested.

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